About us

We are
the distributor's factory

At e·lija we are manufacturers, processors and producers of abrasives—we are your expert supplier with more than 35 years of experience. We put all our knowledge and experience at the service of our distributors, so we can help them become the specialist in abrasives their customers need.
We manufacture belts with the best technology for all industrial sectors where abrasives are needed. We have a selection of premium abrasives as well as an affordable product line to meet the demands of all customers.

5 reason to choose e-lija

  • 1. You will sell more
  • 2. You will impress your customers
  • 3. You will be more flexible
  • 4. You will boost your image
  • 5. You will be more independent

At e·lija we help you to be the main player. We adapt to all distributor profiles and handle all orders with the same level of commitment.

More than 35 years of experience in Abrasives

Our Sectors

Exclusively for the distribution channel

e·lija does not have its own sales network. Its business activity is focused solely and exclusively on the distribution channel, to which it supplies all its products with anonymous packaging.

e·lija does no sell to the end customer.

e·lija offers distributors a simple, profitable relationship with no strings attached.

Our team

Rafael Lluch


Manolo Folch

IT Manager

Maria Lluch

Communications Manager

Rafa Lluch

Sales Manager

Mari Giménez

Administration Manager