What sets us apart

At e·lija, we help you to sell more. We offer you a very fast service that will impress your customers, providing you with great flexibility with your orders, boosting your corporate image and answering your needs.

Fast service guaranteed

You will impress your customers

We promise to manufacture and ship your custom-made belts in no more than 48 hours, supplying the remaining range of products available in our stock within 24 hours. “We are your warehouse”.
Upon receipt of your order, we will inform you of the shipping date. In the same way, and once delivered to the transport agency, we will confirm the details of your shipment. All shipments are free of charge from €190 (VAT not included) to anywhere in Spain, except the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Flexibility in ordering

You will sell more

At e·lija, we are very flexible with the number of items to be manufactured. We are “the distributor’s made-to-measure factory” where almost everything is possible thanks to our technical resources and our team of people.
All distributors are important to us, which is why we adapt to their level of consumption and do not require a minimum quantity or minimum purchase amount. At e·lija, we help you to build customer loyalty by boosting your image. Our packaging is anonymous, and we also personalise the product labels with your name.

Belt Price Calculator
for made-to-measure belts

You will be more independent

With the price calculator, you can instantly find out the price of the abrasive belts your customers request.
The calculator has a series of filters or aids for choosing the ideal abrasive. This useful tool quickly assesses any belt size, offering you several product alternatives so you can choose the option that suits you best.
The prices we show you also show the quantity discount scale.